ShakiraMedia explica detalles del nuevo álbum

- Primero pide que no hagamos caso a los rumores que salen, que sólo nos fiemos de los que las páginas oficiales dicen.
- Dice que el segundo single con LMFAO es falso: sólo han trabajado juntos (no confirma un dueto con ellos).
- El álbum saldrá en 2012 y el single en septiembre (¡ya se sabe incluso el día!)
- Shakira cantará su nuevo single y canciones del nuevo álbum en el festival iHeart el 21 de septiembre.

Shakira has been hard at work preparing her new English album over the past year, and we're truly excited to hear the results.

As the album's release approaches, fans must take the "news" they read apprehensively; there will be many rumors and fake demos circulating internet sites claiming to be part of Shakira's next album.

Most recently, a gossip source claimed that Shakira's second single will be a collaboration with LMFAO. This is completely false, though it is true that Shakira and Redfoo (a member of LMFAO) gave each other ideas for new sounds in the studio.

Another new rumor states that the album won't be released until 2013. This is also incorrect; while no date has been chosen for the release of her first single, it is expected to premiere in September, with a fall 2012 album release date planned.

Shakira will be performing her lead single, in addition to a few other songs off her upcoming album, at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on September 21st. Again, please take the "news" you read about Shakira's new English album with some skepticism; however, you can trust Shakira Media to provide you with the most up-to-date, confirmed details over the next coming weeks.
Be patient and get excited because Shak's new era is right around the corner, and she is eagerly awaiting her fans' support.

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